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About Michele

My job is to help people learn how to be happier and more content while they’re still looking for a mate. Believe it or not, the two aren’t mutually exclusive.


TIRED of feeling like your life is going nowhere because you haven’t found your life partner yet?
I’m Michele and I spent quite a number of years exactly where you are right now. I tried all the right dating websites (with a spot-on profile and great pics), went to all the right singles events at my church, got on my knees in prayer, joined an amazing singles small group, started volunteering weekly at Habitat for Humanity…and Mr. Right did not show up. I prayed harder, I got physically fit, I continued to develop myself in my career, I was a good steward with my finances…and still I watched friend after friend meet that special someone, get married, and start a family while I stayed “unchosen”.

Finally in my mid-thirties I started to wonder if there was something more. Some better way to exist in my single state that didn’t involve being depressed, frustrated, spiritually dry, and stuck.

The answer is YES.

I started noticing that my friends who were now married and starting families started telling me they were jealous of ME. No, really. We’d be on the phone, I’d talk about how I was planning a nice long hike in the woods followed by a nap and then playing around in my art studio…and my friend would invariably say something like “I wish I had YOUR life.” Grass is always greener, right?

Why not enjoy the grass on your OWN side of the fence?

I learned singleness is NOT a disease to be suffered through, but a season in my life that gives me amazing opportunities to live my life in a fulfilling, joy-filled way. This hasn’t stopped me in my search for that special someone. But I no longer feel unfulfilled and miserable while I look. I’m making the most of this “extra” time I have…time that one day will rightfully be taken up with caring for a husband and family…and I’m loving every minute of it.

Make the most of YOUR single time.

I can help you sort out your thoughts about why you’re still single…especially the painful ones that we all seem to end up telling ourselves at one time or another. I show you how to turn those thoughts around and learn how to really show love and care for yourself. And then I help you explore your passions…what God built you for beyond your future role as a wife and mother.




For me there is nothing better than coaching someone through the process of becoming their best self because I remember how miserable I was before I discovered that God had more in mind for me than obsessing over finding a mate. I love watching the change in my clients from their first session to their last – going from feeling frustrated, unlovable, pessimistic, and unhappy to feeling excited, confident, peaceful and joyful. When I see women embracing God’s truth about themselves and becoming more of the amazing individual God designed them to be, I swear they actually start to look lit up from within…and I can’t think of anything more attractive than that!




While I am always up for meeting face to face, primarily I work with my clients through weekly sessions over the phone or via video chat as I find those methods make the most sense with today’s busy schedules. I also provide email support during the week as well as the option to record our sessions for your benefit. (Some of my clients have had some major a-ha’s result from listening to themselves work through a session!) I work through a flexible 10 – 12 week program and am always available for follow-up sessions afterwards.




I’d love to learn more about you and see if I can help you feel amazing while you’re looking for your future life partner.

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